Chicken: 06 – 20 Monday Entry

Breakfast: One large Granny Smith apple and Vanilla coffee.  I gotta have my java!

Lunch: Buffalo Chicken Salad with Romaine Lettuce, spinach, blue cheese crumbles, Louisiana Buffalo sauce and “Ready to Eat” grilled Tyson chicken strips

Homemade Buffalo Chicken Salad

Dinner: 4oz boneless skinless chicken thigh and asparagus

Activity: Debating on Boot Camp for 5:30 this evening

Snack: 5 multi-grain crackers, one wedge of “the Laughing Cow” tomato basil cheese and a handful of grapes

Water: about 60oz about to crack open another 22oz bottle

Activity: 1hr of weight training and 2mile run


Comments: Today was a good day.  It was raining when I woke up so I was not motivated to go to the gym, but I did.  This afternoon before lunch I hit the weights and just before dinner I hit the lake front and tackled 2 miles.  I’m pretty siked to get back into the swing of things. I’ve got about 21 days before my next assignment begins.  That’s enough time to form a habit.  I plan to get into the habit of working out everyday!  Now I have to  find something to do with my hair.  Right now I have a short term goal of losing 10lbs by July 29th.  Let’s see how I do.  My current weight is 194.4.

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Chicken: I’m Baaack!

It’s been a long time I shouldn’t have left you…

I haven’t posted anything since the beginning of the year, now I’m back and ready to get going.  I started a new job back in February and I was traveling 100% of the time.  That assignment has ended and now I can focus on my weight loss regimen.  I went to Fleet Feet and purchased new running shoes.  I broke them in today and they felt wonderful!   This is my third pair Asics Gels, I love this shoe.

ASICS GEL - Kayano 17 Road Runner







Well I since I’m back we need to get some before and after pics going.  In December 2010 we posted our initial before pictures.  I haven’t lost very much weight but I lost inches in my mid section and one or two inches in those thunder thighs.

Short-term Goal: Lose 10lbs by July 29th.

We’ve got some work to do!

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Fatty: 01-27 Thursday Entry

Today's Breakfast: Raisin Toast sans the cinnamon!

Breakfast: Naked Strawberry Banana – 15oz. 2 slices of Raisin Toast with Jelly

Lunch: Have to attend a webinar so chances are I will have to skip lunch today or eat much later


Activity: Debating on Boot Camp for 5:30 this evening

Water: Sippin on 22 for now…

Thoughts: Kind of tired today, mentally wired – a little exercise this evening should be good. Anticipating a lot of activities and homework this upcoming weekend – need to prepare.

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Fatty: 01-26 Wednesday Entry

Hey world, catching up from yesterday!! It was a busy day for me but I managed to write down my meals so I could post today. Here we go:

Turkey on ciabatta

Breakfast: 2 Eggs (scrambled) 2 pieces Turkey Bacon, 1 Waffle

Lunch: My favorite sandwich from the cafeteria which includes – Turkey White Breast on Ciabatta – 1 slice of Mozzarella Cheese (1/3 fat), 1 tspn of low fat mayo, red onions, romaine lettuce, mild giardiniera, oregano, pepper, extra virgin olive oil (1 tspn).

Dinner: Caramel Frappe, 1 chicken wing from Harold’s w/mild sauce that I took from someone else’s dinner 😦 I swear this will be death of all my weight loss efforts!

Activity: None

Water: 22 oz

Thoughts: Yesterday(Wednesday) was pretty busy. I felt rushed the entire day and really tried to be conscience of what I ate until I had the Frappe and chicken wing 😦 Also, I haven’t had much appetite in the evenings and dinner is more like snacking than a real meal.

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Hi all! It’s Fatty and I’ve decided to add a “Thoughts” section to the end of every blog post just to reflect on my mood for the day and how this may influence my eating habits. I’m sure most of my thoughts will be rambling but in having a conversation with a fellow “bootcamper” we both agreed that losing weight has more to do with the discipline and the thought process behind your efforts for achieving your goals.

On that note, I figured if I could just “wrap my head” around seriously losing the weight…AGAIN,  I should definitely see the results that I’m wanting. I want to use this section of my posts to identify eating habits and the time of day I’m alert, energetic and most conscience of what I’m putting in this belly! For those of you following our blog perhaps you can also put a “Thoughts” section in your daily journals. Let’s see if this works!

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Fatty: 01-25 Tuesday Entry

Pinto Beans & Rice

Breakfast: Strawberry Banana Naked (15.2 oz) with Fiber One Granola Bar(Oats & Chocolate)

Lunch: Pinto beans w/Rice (1 1/2 cup); 2 chicken drumsticks (Baked) — courtesy of mama!

Dinner: Skipped after Bootcamp- I know I know!

Water: 16oz thus far

Activity: Bootcamp (2 hours) 6:30 – 8:30 – Weight Training + Tag Team Cardio

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Fatty: Hanging in there…

Hey world! I haven’t posted in about a week and a half but please know I am still trying my best to keep up my “GOOD” eating habits. Between work, school, working out and LIFE I just haven’t found the time to post 😦

A week and some change is entirely tooooooooooooo long but I need you to know I haven’t fallen completely off and I’m back. While I’ve tried to stay on the right track to good eating habits, I will admit not seeing what you have eaten does cause you to stray. I will confess to some KFC hot wings twice within the last week as well as some fried jumbo shrimp. Just being honest :-/

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Fatty: 01-13 Thursday Entry

Grilled Cheese w/Fries

Breakfast: Protein Plate – Starbuck’s

Lunch: Grilled Cheese w/Fries – should have eliminated the fries :-/

Dinner: That darn Chipotle – 3 hardshell tacos – meat & cheese only

Activity: Haven’t decided if I will be attending Bootcamp this evening

Water: 48oz. the far

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Fatty: 01-12 Wednesday Entry

Asian Salad

Breakfast: 1 slice of Raisin Bread, 1 scrambled egg w/blk pepper.

Lunch: 1 Small Asian Salad w/1 cup of brown rice. Asian crispy noodle, Romaine, Spinach, 1/3 part skim shredded Mozarella, Red Pepper, Onion, Olives, 1 tbsp Asian Ginger dressing, Olive Oil. 2 baked chicken wings (leftovers)

Dinner: Skipped –  I know, just wasn’t hungry after bootcamp.

Snack: That damn Carmel Frappe from McDonald’s :-/ At least I got it sans the carmel, if that means anything….

Activity: Bootcamp 1hr – Arms/Shoulders/Abs

Water: 21oz.

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Fatty: 01-11 Tuesday Entry

Turkey Burger

Breakfast: I had good intentions but I managed to skip 😦  The weather out is bad! I intended to stop at Starbuck’s for the the Protein Plate but the line was tooo long. I was stuck in traffic on the way to work putting me waaaaay behind schedule so when I arrived at work I had to get …. WORKING. Not taking a break until lunch.

Lunch: Ok so by now I’m hungry right! Well I had a Turkey Burger on whole wheat with romaine lettuce, red onion and 1 tbsp ketchup 1 tsp of mustard. 1 bag of Jay’s plain potato chips. (I could have done without the chips)

Dinner: 1 cup of Spring Vegetables, 1 2oz. Grilled Catfish Steak

Activity: 1 hr. Bootcamp/Tag Team Cardio 7:30pm – 8:30pm THIS WAS AN AWESOME WORKOUT! Shout out to Chris & Kat – you killed us!

Water: 40oz. thus far

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